Know About D1 Property And Its Usage

D1 properties are the properties which are non-residential institutions and can be used for any use other than the residential use.It is the one of the kind of official classification of the property usage in United Kingdom. The D1 properties can be used in a wide ranges in the form of institutions and public
halls.It can be used as a place for provision of education including conducting classes for yoga, meditation to create awareness among the public.One other usage may be for place of worship or conducting classes for religious instructions.They also can be used a place for conducting medical camps or health services without using the practitioners residence that is attached to the premise.

The D1 property may also be used as a creche or a day care centre for public usage.It can be modified to be used as a museum or a place where the art or paintings display can be conducted for use by the much talented artists and painters.It can also be used as a public library or a public reading hall where lots of people can be benefitted based on the number that can be accomodated.They can also be used for exhibiting talents like handicrafts,jewellery making and designers to display their work to the public.